Our easy, mobile-first method for capturing contributions when donors are on the go -- at an event, keeping active, dining with friends etc. Donors text a custom code (only accessible on U.S. phone carriers) and give via a secure fundraising page.



Set up Text-to-Donate

Text-to-Donate powers easy mobile giving through text codes. Learn how to set up a custom text code and start receiving donations via SMS (only on U.S phone carriers).

Understand what a Text-to-Donate short code is

A 'short code' is a five-digit number used to send and receive text messages (on U.S. phone carriers only). It is a critical part of how Text-to-Donate works. Learn what Give Lively's dedicated (not shared) short code is and how much it costs you (spoiler: nothing).

Make the most of Text-to-Donate: our ultimate guide

In this guide, we review Text-to-Donate best practices, and examples of how it can be implemented as a vital part of a fundraising strategy.

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