Campaign Pages
Campaign Pages

Campaign Pages

Launch fundraising campaigns in minutes with beautiful, customizable and responsive donation pages that are as easy and satisfying for nonprofits to build as they are for donors to use.



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Build a Campaign Page

A campaign page is not the same thing as your core profile. You create a specific Campaign Page when you want to fundraise around a specific occasion or appeal, such as Giving Tuesday, a walk-a-thon, or an annual fundraiser. 

Design successful Campaign Pages: our ultimate guide

Our free, powerful and practical technology provides you with the tools you need for creating outstanding campaign pages that carry the right message and compel your visitors to donate.

Trigger a test donation on a Give Lively page

Just finished setting up a new Campaign Fundraising page? Want to run a test donation to see if and how it works? At the moment, it’s not an option. But there is something you can do.

Change the default donation frequency

Default donation frequency is set to "Monthly" or "One-Time," but can be easily changed at any time on your primary fundraising page and any of your fundraising Campaign Pages.

Add offline donations to Campaign Page totals

Manually add any funds raised in the form of paper checks or cash to the Campaign Page totals, including its progress bar.

Close a fundraising Campaign Page

Once a fundraising campaign has run its course, it makes sense to close it. The page will remain live, but it will display the following message: "This campaign has ended. Thank you for your support." Once a campaign is closed, it cannot be re-activated.

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