Understand what a Text-to-Donate short code is

A 'short code' is a five-digit number used to send and receive text messages (on U.S. phone carriers only). It is a critical part of how Text-to-Donate works. Learn what Give Lively's dedicated (not shared) short code is and how much it costs you (spoiler: nothing).


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What is a short code?

A 'short code' is a 5-digit number used to send and receive text messages -- just like a regular phone number, only shorter.

Our Text-to-Donate technology uses the dedicated (not shared) short code 44321 (only valid on U.S. phone carriers).

Does it cost anything to use the short code?

Text-to-Donate and use of our short code are free for member nonprofits, like the rest of Give Lively's fundraising technology. A dedicated (not shared) short code comes at a significant cost, but our philanthropist founders are generously covering the whole thing.


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