Integrate our platform with Salesforce

Give Lively offers a Salesforce integration specifically designed for the Nonprofit Success Pack. Here's how to trigger it.


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Before You Get Started

Have you set up a Core Profile? It's a critical first step.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: For the time being, Give Lively only offers direct integration with Salesforce. Until others are put in place, you can download donor data from the Nonprofit Admin Portal as a CSV file and import it into any CRM of choice.

To set up a Salesforce integration specifically designed for the Nonprofit Success Pack (to learn more about the Nonprofit Success Pack, check out this video):

  1. Confirm that your Salesforce has a sandbox created. If not, create one by following Salesforce’s guide. IMPORTANT: We recommend triggering test donations to your sandbox before connecting your live instance to Give Lively.
  2. Send us an email to with the subject line "<your nonprofit name> + Salesforce Integration".
  3. In the body of the email please provide the EIN number of your nonprofit, the email address tied to the Admin User of the account and ensure that they have Marketing rights enabled.
  4. Our team will follow up with next steps to install our app in your sandbox and connect your nonprofit’s sandbox to our staging environment. We’ll trigger test donations for your nonprofit’s review.
  5. For reference, the Salesforce integration syncs every hour on the half hour mark.
For an overview of how this integration was built, please see our Salesforce integration logic and fields guide.


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See our Salesforce integration logic and fields

An overview of how our Salesforce integration was built, specifically designed for the Nonprofit Success Pack.
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Create, activate and manage a Stripe account (required to use Give Lively tech)

Stripe is an industry-leading payment processor trusted by over 100,000 companies and nonprofits. To use Give Lively technology, you must have an activated Stripe account connected to Give Lively. A fully effective account is also enabled for ACH (bank) transfers and has applied for Stripe’s nonprofit discount. Learn how to set it up.
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Integrate our platform with Paypal, or disconnect from it

You can integrate PayPal with our platform, but only as an optional, additional donation-processing method and, at present, only for one-time donations. If you choose not to accept PayPal any longer, you can easily disconnect from it too.
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