Use UTM codes to track fundraising campaigns

Set up a UTM code to track donor giving behavior and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. These codes, easily added, can be used with Give Lively Donation Widgets, Campaign Pages and the Core Profile.


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UTM codes (also called UTM variables or parameters) are labels you can add to the end of a URL to help you identify where a link was clicked. UTM codes help you track donor giving behavior and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

There are five UTM codes (described well here), but Give Lively tracks only one of them -- utm_source -- which identifies the platform or website where a clicked link was located, such as Facebook, Google, an email, a newsletter, a blog etc.

To add a UTM tracking code: add the following to the end of Give Lively URLs for Donation Widgets, Campaign Pages and the Core Profile:


Whatever is entered after the “=” is your tracking value or variable, a term you choose to help you identify the location of a link when it is used.

For example, if you share a link to a Campaign Page on Facebook, you can track completed donations that come through the link on Facebook by adding "?utm_source=facebook" to the link you share on Facebook. It would look like this:[your-nonprofit]/[your-campiagn]?utm_source=facebook

After a donation or purchase is complete, the tracking value (in the example above, it would be "facebook") will be reported in your donor data export and in your Stripe payments metadata (which can also be exported).


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