Use merge tags to personalize automated "thank you" emails to donors

You can use merge tags to personalize automated thank-you emails to donors throughout our platform.


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Before You Get Started

  • To use use merge codes in a thank you email with a Digital Fundraising or Peer-to-Peer Fundraising campaign, you should create create a Campaign Page.
  • To use use merge codes in a thank you email with Event Fundraising, you must build an Event Ticketing page.
  • Video Overview

    Text Walkthrough

    The following merge tags can be used in both the subject line and the body of the email:

    *|FNAME|* (this is the donor's first name)

    *|LNAME|* (this is the donor's first name)

    *|DONATION_AMOUNT|* (this is how much was donated)

    *|DONATION_DATE|* (this is the date of the donation)

    *|DONATION_TIME|* (this is the time of the donation)

    An example of an automated thank-you email sent using merge tags in the subject line is:

    *|FNAME|*, thank you for your *|DONATION_AMOUNT|* gift!

    It will appear as:

    Alex, thank you for your $50 gift!

    Keep in mind that every thank-you email sent by Give Lively also includes tax receipt information that is automatically populated with the donor’s first and last name, donation date, amount, and time.

    Note that thank-you messages/receipts are automatically sent to every donor. Nonprofits cannot opt out of this feature. At present, thank-you messages/receipts can only be reissued by Give Lively’s Member Support Team.

    Example of a thank-you message:

    Learn about this for Campaign Pages and Event Ticketing pages.


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