Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Admin Portal

The Nonprofit Admin Portal is where you manage all of your online fundraising using Give Lively technology. Learn what you can do, how to add new team members to the portal and what happens if you forgot your password.


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Before You Get Started

Video Overview

Text Walkthrough

For preliminary information about the Nonprofit Admin Portal, including a brief tour of its dashboard, go here.

Add team members to the portal

To provide full admin access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal by other members of your team, see how to add new users to the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

Delete users from the portal

To remove users of or "pending invitations" to the Nonprofit Admin Portal, see how delete users from the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

Remember: Removed users will no longer have any access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal. And for deleted “Pending Invitations,” the invite email that was sent out, which already expires after a week, will immediately become invalid.

Forgot your password? Want to change your password?

  1. Go to the Nonprofit Admin Portal log-in page.
  2. Click "Forgot your password?" and follow the instructions to reset your password.


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Access the Nonprofit Admin Portal

Give Lively Nonprofit Membership includes 24/7 secure access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal, the back-end management system where nonprofits can oversee their online fundraising and donor data. Read more about it.
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Add or delete users of the Nonprofit Admin Portal

Any Give Lively nonprofit member can manage who has access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal on its behalf. This includes adding new users, all of whom gain the same level of admin access, and removing current ones.
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New Member Welcome Guide

A quick checklist to get you set up and fundraising on our platform in no time.
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Contact our Member Support team

We have done our best to answer your questions here in the Resource Hub, but if the answers aren’t quite right or you can’t find them, our Member Support team is standing by to help you. Due to a high volume of requests, we are currently unable to accommodate support phone calls.
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Download donor data from Nonprofit Admin Portal

Download donor data with the click of a button. This data includes donor names, email addresses, donation date, donation amount, donation frequency (one-time or monthly), donation page, and other custom information.
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