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Set up Live Display

Live Display is a progress meter that tracks incoming donations and exhibits them mere seconds (usually between 3 and 5) after being completed. It's a great centerpiece for any fundraising event. Learn how to access Live Display and display it prominently at your event.

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Before You Get Started

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How to turn it on

  1. At your event, connect a computer to a large TV or projector and point your browser to your fundraising Campaign Page.
  2. In the URL, replace the word "donate" with "donations".

    For example, if you're Campaign Page's URL is:


    then the URL for your new live interactive display will be:


OPTIONAL: Disable list of recent donors

If you wish, you can disable the list of recent donors that appears on your Live Display.

  1. Log in to the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
  2. Click “Campaigns” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  3. Click "Manage" for the campaign you are updating.
  4. Click the “Campaign Name, Description & Goal” tab in the menu on the lefthand side of the page.
  5. Scroll down the page until you see "Show recent donors on live page" with a check box.
  6. Uncheck it to disable showing a list of recent donors.


Text-to-Donate and Live Display Checklist