Send campaign page link with donation information already filled out

Send customized fundraising campaign page links with a donation amount, frequency, and payment method already filled out for your donors.


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Before You Get Started

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Follow several simple steps to send a donor a link to a customized fundraising Campaign Page with a pre-filled donation amount, frequency, and payment method.

Get Your Link

Find the link to your fundraising page. You may already have it saved as a bookmark in your browser or noted in an email or document. If not, it's easy to find links to fundraising campaign pages through the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

Change Your Link

Once you've gotten the link to your chosen fundraising page, add this to the end of it:

?override_amount=[add chosen amount here]

For example, if a donor has pledged to give $1,000, you add:


If you'd like to send a link pre-populated with a donation amount and have that amount turned into a monthly recurring donation, add this to the end it:


For example, if a donor has pledged to give $500 every month, you add this to the link:


For one-time donations, change "true" to "false."

If you'd like to send a link pre-populated with a donation amount, a donation frequency, and a payment method, you add this to your link:


To set the payment method to credit card, change "bank" to "card." We always recommend donors give with a bank account to reduce the amount of third-party fees they pay.

Visit the Pre-Populated Page

Go to the pre-populated page by copying and pasting the link into your browser. Review the pre-populated elements to ensure that they work. If anything isn't quite right, make sure that you are using the exact code phrases in step two. If it still isn't working, contact us by email.

Send the New Link to Your Donor(s)

After you've tested your pre-filled page, send it via email to the donor(s) who have pledged to give to your organization.


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