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Respond to the “Stripe Restricted Your Account” email and error messages

Have you received an email advising that “Stripe Has Restricted Your Account” or seen a “Fundraising pages disabled” error message? Learn what you can do about it. 

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If you have received or seen a “Stripe Restricted Your Account” or “Fundraising pages disabled” error message, then Stripe has indeed alerted us that the Stripe account you used to connect with Give Lively has been “restricted.”

This has happened because, according to Stripe, “Additional information usually needs to be collected to enable” your account. For example, this could be bank documentation to verify your business or the identity of the primary account holder.

What does this mean for your Give Lively fundraising pages?

Stripe can’t process donations to your nonprofit and your existing fundraising pages have been temporarily disabled.

The error message below now appears when anyone visits your Give Lively fundraising pages:

The following “Fundraising page disabled" announcement also appears on all pages of your Nonprofit Admin Portal account:

What can you do about it?

It is critical that you immediately check your Stripe dashboard (dashboard.stripe.com/login) and contact Stripe Support (support.stripe.com/contact/login - open 24/7) for further assistance.

Your Give Lively fundraising pages will be automatically restored once the Stripe alert has been resolved.


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