Learn how strongly we believe in data privacy and security

Generosity should never be compromised. That's why we take privacy, security, and transparency very seriously. With both donors and nonprofits, we pursue proper steps to protect data and keep private and secure what should remain private and secure.


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We feel strongly about privacy, security and transparency. At every level of what we do, we take appropriate steps to protect data, undertaking with our partners to keep privacy and security a top priority in our operations.

Data Privacy: We never sell, rent or lease personal or business details to any third parties. Ever. When we share data with nonprofits and partners, it is always in keeping with our Privacy Policy.

Security: We never charge a card, digital wallet or bank account without authorization. Our security safeguards protect all purchases and payments, ensuring that confidential information is never vulnerable.

Troubleshooting: When faced with unexpected tech issues or security concerns, we mobilize immediately to tackle the issues and find responsible solutions.

Values: We work to terminate all uses of our technology that promote activities we deem to be in violation of our values, as stated in our Terms of Use.


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