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Learn how donation disbursement works

While we consider quick donation disbursement to be important, the speed of disbursement is in part a function of the form of payment and whether a nonprofit is a Give Lively member.

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How quickly does Give Lively disburse donations?

We believe all money donated to nonprofits should get to those nonprofits as quickly as possible.

The speed of disbursement is in part a function of the form of payment and whether the nonprofit is a Give Lively member.

For Give Lively member nonprofits

Funds processed through Stripe are delivered to designated accounts within two business days for credit and debit card donations, and seven business days for bank transfers.

IMPORTANT: For this to happen, all nonprofits must have activated Stripe accounts that are connected to Give Lively. Also, nonprofits gain immediate access to donation data and the ability to export donor data from Stripe.

Funds processed through PayPal take slightly longer – three to seven business days.

For nonprofits that are not Give Lively members

Transfers take longer and involve mailing paper checks. Stripe directly deposits donations to the Give Lively Foundation on a rolling two-day basis for credit cards and rolling seven-day basis for checking and savings debits. Within 30 days after the close of the given month, Give Lively Foundation issues a paper check to the organization via traditional mail.

Other disbursements topics

* Set up notifications for every donation
* Troubleshoot donations made via ACH/direct debit


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