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Would you like offer discount or complimentary tickets to your event? Unfortunately, our Event Ticketing technology does not allow for this at present moment. But there is a way to work around it if you expect to comp a large number of attendees or receive a high volume of offline sales.


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At present, our Event Ticketing technology does not allow for discounted or complimentary event tickets.

That being said, if you expect to comp a large number of attendees or receive a high volume of offline sales (that you will manage manually), you should consider creating a duplicate event page, allowing you to process special tickets and add the donor information to your Give Lively fundraising data.

To duplicate an event page:

  • Log in to the Nonprofit Admin Portal dashboard and click on "Events" in the menu at the top of the page.
  • Find your event in the list of "Upcoming Events" and then click on the "Manage" button to the right of the name.

To update the ticket prices:

  • On the duplicate event page, click on "Ticket Builder" in the menu on the left side of the page.
  • Review and replace the ticket prices by setting discounted rates or, to make one free, leaving the price field blank.

The best approach to using this duplicate event page is to withhold the link and internally process special tickets by entering the collected attendee information directly into the outward-facing forms. You may choose to use each person’s email address and thereby send the tickets directly to the attendee, or you can direct all email receipts to your own internal email and send out something custom made instead that reflects the reduced or waived ticket price.

Again, be sure not to share the link to this duplicate event page -- it doesn’t appear on tickets sent through our platform -- as anyone who has the link will be capable of registering for your event at the discounted/free price. As described above, it's best to internally and manually process all orders.


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