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Close or cancel an Event Ticketing page

Did you set up a test event page that you no longer need? Has your event already passed? Whatever the case, here's what to do when you're done with an Event Ticketing page.

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You can only close or delete an Event Ticketing page if no tickets have been sold through it.

After one ticket has been sold, even if it is just a test sale, the Event Ticketing page can't be removed. Again, you can delete an event page on which you experiment, but you are not able to delete any event pages that had any ticket sales.

To avoid mistaken or accidental ticket sales for Event Ticketing pages that did see ticket sales, we recommend hiding all tickets from the page. Described below, this can be accomplished by changing the sale dates of the tickets so that they have elapsed. This will remove the tickets from public view, although the Event Ticketing page itself will continue to be visible.

Delete an event page (one for which no tickets were sold)

  1. Log in to the Nonprofit Admin Portal dashboard and click on “Events” in the menu at the top of the page.
  2. Choose the event page you wish to delete and click on the "X” to the right of it.
  3. Choose “OK” in the popup that asks “Are you sure you want to delete this event?”
  4. A green banner will appear below the top-of-page menu advising that "[event name] has been successfully deleted.”

Hide the tickets of an old event page (for which tickets were sold)

  1. Log in to the Nonprofit Admin Portal dashboard and click on “Events” in the menu at the top of the page.
  2. Find your event in question and click the "Manage" button next to that event.
  3. Click “Ticket Builder” in the menu on the left side of the page.
  4. Locate the ticket tier to which you wish to make a change and click "Add more ticket details”.
  5. Scroll down to “Ticket Settings” and check the box next to "Set a specific date range in which attendees can buy this ticket”.
  6. Set a date range, making certain that the “Ticket Sale Ends” date is any date in the past.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for every ticket tier.
  8. To confirm your work, click on "Visit Page" near the top right of the page. This will open a new browser tab with your Event Ticketing page and no sign of the elapsed ticket tiers.


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