Access the Nonprofit Admin Portal

Give Lively Nonprofit Membership includes 24/7 secure access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal, the back-end management system where nonprofits can oversee their online fundraising and donor data. Read more about it.


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Before You Get Started

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The Nonprofit Admin Portal is where you manage all of your online fundraising using Give Lively technology.

Here is where you build a Campaign Page or an Event Ticketing page and manage their features, set up Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, download donor data, and much more.

Brief Nonprofit Admin Portal tour

Across the top of the Nonprofit Admin Portal, you'll see a number of sections:

  • Dashboard: Get a link to your core profile page, quickly review some fundraising stats, export your donor data, connect to Stripe, and see your recent campaigns, text codes, and events.
  • Core Profile: Update basic information about your organization's name, mission statement, and website. Enable options such as international donations and peer-to-peer fundraising.
  • Campaigns: Set up and manage special pages created for specific fundraising initiatives. Use the search tool to find campaign by name or slug.
  • Widgets: Set up what you need to embed a widget in your website.
  • Text Codes: Create unique text codes for mobile giving.
  • Events: Create and manage event pages and tickets.
  • P2P Pages: View and manage your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising pages. Use the search tool to find fundraiser by name or slug.
  • Teams (Beta): View the Team Fundraising pages that have been set up in support of your campaigns. Use the search tool to find campaign by name or slug.
  • Organization Settings: Home to two sub-tabs:
    (1) Integrations - Connect with third-party services, like Salesforce, PayPal and Double the Donation;
    (2) Users - Add users to or delete them from the Nonprofit Admin Portal.
    Also, at the top of the Organization Settings page you will also find your nonprofit's EIN, Stripe account number (the one connected to Give Lively) and the date your nonprofit became a Give Lively member.
  • (?) (question mark in a circle): Home to two sub-tabs:
    (1) Resource Hub: You are here!
    (2) Contact Support: Review best practices about how to contact our Member Support team.

Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Admin Portal

Need help adding team members to the portal or resetting your password? Go here.


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Troubleshoot the Nonprofit Admin Portal

The Nonprofit Admin Portal is where you manage all of your online fundraising using Give Lively technology. Learn what you can do, how to add new team members to the portal and what happens if you forgot your password.
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Add or delete users of the Nonprofit Admin Portal

Any Give Lively nonprofit member can manage who has access to the Nonprofit Admin Portal on its behalf. This includes adding new users, all of whom gain the same level of admin access, and removing current ones.
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New Member Welcome Guide

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Set up your Core Profile

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Download donor data from Nonprofit Admin Portal

Download donor data with the click of a button. This data includes donor names, email addresses, donation date, donation amount, donation frequency (one-time or monthly), donation page, and other custom information.
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